Artistry in Wood 2019 – Planning Underway

We have decided to make significant changes to how we organize and conduct our association’s major public showcase event, Artistry in Wood.  From this point, onward, all applicants will have their work screened by a 3-person jury of known expert artisans.  Doing so ensures we showcase only those pieces that meet the required high standards in design and execution.

We will also be holding these events in well known, established art venues.  This will require a considerable investment, as such venues are expensive to rent.  However, it is anticipated that such venues would attract significantly larger crowds.  In turn, sponsorship would be forthcoming, allowing us to shoulder the higher rental costs.

The KWA recognizes that such significant changes will place increased demands on the event Organization Committee, as it would require more coordination and time to execute.  To that end, we have made the conscious decision to delay holding our next event by one year.

The Artistry in Wood 2019 Organizing Committee is now being stood up.  If you are interested in being a part of that committee, please email me at:

Marty Schlosser

President, Kingston Wood Artisans

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