Spray Finishing Event, 9 June 2018

The KWA is offering this  Special Interest Gathering in an effort to enhance our members knowledge of finishing, focussing on water-based finishes.

Date & Time: Saturday, 9 June from 9am – 5pm, with a 45 minute lunchtime break.  Everyone  will be responsible for their own lunch (you may bring your lunch to eat on the premises, or go out to any of the local restaurants).

Location: Cubit Housing & Design, 201-176 Railway St, Kingston.  (Thank you very much Philip and Justin for generously offering us the use of your shop for this event!)

Cost:  $50 for KWA members; $60 for others.   Payment is to be made in cash, only, and will be required when you arrive the morning of the event.  No deposit is necessary.

Maximum number of Participants: 15.

Safety: All participants are responsible to provide their own mask and safety glasses. The mask must be capable of protecting against organic vapors, and be NIOSH approved.  Masks with replaceable filters and pre-filters are recommended because they are more economical.  They can be either full face or half face models. 3M™ is one of most widely known and reputable manufacturers, and their series 6000, 6500 and 7500 masks (which come in small, medium and large sizes to fit most individuals) are available through suppliers of personal safety equipment and supplies.  Masks MUST be worn by all participants while in the immediate vicinity of the spray booth and especially whenever they are spraying finishes.

What will be Covered: This is very much a hands-on workshop; each individual will be provided a test panel to use during the event.  It will go well beyond the basics, although the first 90 minutes will cover them to ensure everyone is on the same wavelength.  Here are the main points of what’ll be covered and what participants will be doing themselves:

– Equipment to be Demonstrated and Used: HVLP (both turbine and compressor), Reduced Pressure (compressor), Pressure Pot (with two different systems) and Airbrush (compressor).

– Selection of aircap sets

– Measurement of thickness of coats.

– Techniques of spraying simple to complex items.

– Use of shellac and the following waterborne finishes: lacquer, polyurethane, hybrid finishes and latex paint.

– Use of  dyes, non-grain-raising (NGR) & pigmented stain.

– Toning, shading & sunburst effects.

– Equipment cleaning & maintenance.


How to Sign Up:  Email to kwoodartisans@gmail.com with “Spray Finishing SIG” in the title line.  Provide your name, phone number.  Applications will be accepted until noon on Friday, 1 June.  Again, we only have space for 15 attendees.  It will be first come – first served, so if you’re interested in this SIG, it’s recommended that you send in your application right away.


Want More Info?  Email Marty at: kwoodartisans@gmail.com or phone 343-363-8270


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