OWCA Day of Carving Event: 17 August at the Lang Pioneer Village

I am sure that you already know about the OWCA Day of Carving that will be held at Lang Pioneer Village this coming August 17 from 10 am to 4 pm.  It will be a great opportunity to meet some carving friends as well as show the public what wood carving is all about.
Our carvers will be housed in the new Barn that has been built at Lang Pioneer Village.  A Map is attached to how you where the Barn is and the parking area that we will be using.
Entrance to LPV is FREE for carvers and one guest as we are part of the Village`s program that day.
I am sending you this note to ask for your assistance as we set up for this day at Lang Pioneer Village.
We need to know also if your Club or Group need a Table – or how many tables might be needed.
This year we are trying to get folk to SIGN IN when they arrive so we can get an idea of how many come/came.  Last year we were overwhelmed with the response – which was good – but it left us looking as if we a little disorganized.  And also the facility seemed crowed for some folks.
Hopefully the weather will be good and some will be able to be outside in the village area. If we can do that we will be able to invite more of the public to see and meet the carvers.
Thanks for any help you give us.
Murray Lincoln
Home – 705-760-9389 – evening
Cell – 705-768-1530 – anytime


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