Election Results: We still need a President and a Vice-President…

The annual election of Directors and Officers was held during our Annual General Meeting, with all positions other than the President and Vice-President having been filled. Congratulations to all members who stepped in to fill positions! However, because we cannot continue as an association unless both of those positions are filled, we will finalize the voting at our next meeting, Thursday, 10 September commencing at 6:30pm. All members are urged to consider offering to stand for one of the two vacant positions.

  • Board of Directors:
    • David Robinson
    • Gerry Bailey
    • Richard Sunderland
  • Officers:
    • President: As yet unfilled
    • Vice-President (Chuck Pope willing to stand, subject to another member being the President)
    • Treasurer: Ray Kuntz
    • Secretary: Marty Schlosser
    • Webmaster: Rick Prudil
    • Group Program Coordinators:
      • Hand Tools Group: Matt Turner
      • Carvers & Sculptors Group: Matt Turner
      • Furniture & Cabinetmakers Group:
        • Gerry Bailey & Marty Schlosser

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