12 November Meeting News

Our Thursday, 12 November 2020 Monthly meeting will be conducted in a hybrid manner: simultaneous physical and virtual (via Zoom application) format.  The meeting will be held at one of our member’s workshops, 843 Kananaskis Drive, Kingston.  The meeting commences at 7 pm and runs until 9:30 pm.  It will be simultaneously conducted via Zoom, which will enable participation by those who prefer to attend remotely.  Check the Meeting & Event Calendar page  for full details.

Please note that due to the requirement to maintain social distancing at the meeting, a maximum of eight individuals will be allowed to attend the meeting in person.  Permission to attend the meeting will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you’re wanting to attend in person, email your request to: kwoodartisans@gmail.com and our Secretary will get back to you.

Zoom meeting invitations.  All registered KWA members will be given a Zoom password to allow them to participate in the meeting remotely.  Individuals who have yet to join the association are invited to “attend” up to two free meetings before joining (email your request to: kwoodartisans@gmail.com).

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