Report on Artistry in Wood 2017


Held 10 June 2017

With a room full of furniture, carvings and turned items and a crowd of nearly 200, the first iteration of Artistry in Wood was certainly successful.

Just to give you a feeling for how things went, click here to see a video taken during the event.

Our 2 Coordinators, Herb Salter & Mark Brown

Organizers Herb Salter (L) and Mark Brown (R)

We’d like to recognize Herb Salter (Kingston Woodturners) and Mark Brown (Kingston Wood Artisans) and  for their work in organizing and leading this event.  Congrats, gents.

We’d also like to recognize Karen Young, the Manager of the Military Communications and Electronics Museum for her kind assistance.  The Malton Tower Room proved to be an ideal venue for this event.

Here’s some photos of the event, beginning first with work by our Furniture & Cabinetmakers Group members:

KWA Banner


… and here’s the pieces brought in by our Carvers & Sculptors Group members:


… and now, here’s those brought in by the members of our sister association, the Kingston Woodturners:

Congratulations to the many members of our two associations for taking the time to showcase their work.  As can be seen by the above photos, we had an excellent array of pieces on hand, representing  many levels of workmanship and styles of work.  Well done, artisans!

Stand by for information about Artistry in Wood 2018…